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Accidental Media produces award-winning documentaries, short films and interactive media for international broadcast, DVD and online distribution. Working with formats from 35mm to HD, we are constantly pushing technologies to new creative limits in both production and distribution.

We are based in Scotland.

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April 2014

  • distrify:

    Distrify unveils the USB Popcorn Popper®.

    The patent-pending invention brings the world’s favorite movie treat to the comfort of VOD, one kernel at a time.

    Distrify co-founder Andy Green was frustrated with the lack of tasty snacks available on his laptop. “While most people’s laptop keyboards are filled with nutritious crumbs, the flavor just isn’t what you want when watching a movie. We wanted a simple way to make popcorn while watching our favorite movies on Distrify,” Green explains. “I realized that the power in a USB port was sufficient to heat a popcorn kernel to a perfect popping temperature.”

    "Since most of our movies are watched via the internet, we’ve always been searching for a way to tap into the most lucrative revenue available from the movie business," says Distrify co-founder Peter Gerard. "Our patented USB Popcorn Popper® is the most efficient way to pop popcorn. We charge movie fans on a per-kernel-popped basis, meaning you are never paying for un-popped kernels at the bottom of your bowl."

    "It’s healthy, too!" adds Green. "When you have to wait for each kernel to pop individually, you are much less likely to overeat."

    The device will go on sale soon from - pricing has not been announced. Distrify plans to release mobile versions designed for iPhone and Android later this year.

    (1 April 2014)

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  • The Shutdown on your telly

    ArteIf you are in France or Germany, tune into Arte on Friday 13th May to see The Shutdown on TV. It’s on at 00h35, so you’ll need to stay up late to see the scattered jewels of Grangemouth.

    (10 May 2011)
  • We will be at the Festival de Cannes and Marché du Film this year between 13th-19th May. Our multi-award-winning short The Shutdown will be featured in Cannes at a special screening at Visions Sociales - Le festival de cinéma de la CCAS. Come and see The Shutdown on the 17th May at 3pm. We will be taking meetings at the MEDIA stand on the Croisette, but it’s best to email us in advance if you want to meet.

    (4 May 2011)

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  • The Shutdown will screen in Paris tonight at 8pm at the Forum des Images (Forum des Halles - 2, rue du Cinéma) before the feature film Attenberg.

    (8 February 2011)

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